We organize weddings in an historical location. We are close to Cagliari and Quartu Sant’Elena, in an ideal location easily accessible.

You will discover with great surprise that it was the place where lived for a few years the future Queen of the Two Sicilies, Maria Cristina di Savoia. It took many years of conservation work and renovation of the property, because we wanted to keep “Court Cristina” integrated in the walls and in the furnishings, all ancient and original. The interiors and exteriors are transformed easily to accommodate any event Marriage also in style, or simpler but no less elegant. Nothing better than to live the best day of your life in an environment rich in history and fascinating, where also all the guests, at least for a day, they can live more closely the charm of a historic residence.

Lunch and dinner may therefore have different forms and durations:

  • Classic formula with table service
  • Formula partially Buffet
  • Formula fast for cocktails
  • Formula after dinner with music and open bar